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A lovely day and Continue the bla bla bla…

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A friend told me that, if I don’t have much expectation about myself here, I will live very comfortable. That is probably true because one can support himself easily and feel satisfied here if he can get a job of any type, as long as he don’t care about promotion. I surely do not want to put too much pressure on myself but I cannot get too comfortable with my current situation and lose ambitions because L is not that kind of person. You have to change and learn to compromise for someone you love in a relationship, and if you want to be happy you must learn how to enjoy this process. Luckily, L and I have gone through a lot and cherish each other, so we both want to make changes in order to live a happy life together.

However, language is really a great barrier when living in another country. I feel the need to improve my English after the first day at work when I listened to my supervisor joking and realized the only thing I could do was smiling, and after 3 weeks I still can’t speak fluently. How will I find a permanent job here when I cannot even speak the native language? Worse still, I don’t know the effective way to improve oral English. I listen to the radio practically everyday and sometimes watch some American TV series, however, it is hard for me to follow now because there are no subtitles. I feel stuck sometimes and wish I were naturally a native speaker…

Winter is coming and I miss L.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”


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