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Enjoy living in the present

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When I got off work yesterday, I felt very tired. On the way home I was feeling a little blue because the life I had imagined at this age was not like this. I would be living with my husband in a cozy house and we would have two cute children running around. But now L and I are living in different places both facing some problems and the future is still full of uncertainties. I am almost 30 and still wandering around trying to make money as well as figuring out how to make a living in the future. Of course I am grateful that I am with the one I love but sometimes I feel a little bit frustrated when seeing my friends get married one by one and start up a family. I once thought what I wanted was an extraordinary life, but as time goes by I find myself not that type of person. However, I must be brave and keep moving forward since I don’t want to wake up one day to find L and I are in different worlds.

Today when I was on the bus, I looked out of the window and watched the trees go by, thinking of nothing . I felt peaceful deep down and it was great if I could just sit there without anything to worry about, just bathed in the gentle sunlight. Maybe life could be that simple and maybe I am just confused because I am not sure what I really want in my life.



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